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Hello so a while ago a friend of mine was showing me interesting articles and artists for my dissertation and he showed me a project he was working on where he had taken a magazine and started spraypainting over the top, I instantly loved it and it lead to my Getting Up project. Eventually he had to go home for summer and I was graduateing, his project never got finished and he left it on my desk for me as a present, it has been sat on my shelf since and I decided to day I would add things into it and call it a collabarative project. Where oz had used spraypaint I couldn't as I am no where near confident with my spraying ability yet, however when the project had been disgarded he had started cutting out sections to stick into othre projects and this lead to interesting and bizzare compositions left in the book - I decided this is how I would continue his work.

here is oz's ( James Osborns) website and blog

above- oz

above- oz

above- oz 


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