Maclehose exhibition night

Maclehose press fifth anniversary cover competition exhibition and award night o my what a long title

Hello, so some of you may remember my post about being chosen as a finalist for this competition, well last night was award night. So after a long journey down from lincolnshire I found myself in the middle of an amazing jazz event in Foyles cafe. I then made my way upstairs to the gallery where I was not only introduced to The Mr Maclehose of Maclehose press and all his wonderful team I was also told I had won my category. After being slightly shell shocked by the news I then had person after person come up to me and congratulate me ask me about my work and for my card. The night was fantastic I met many many wonderful people and came away from it with not only my prize but also with free books yaaaaaay. so here's some photos of the goodies I received last night.

so unfortunately because I live in the back end off nowhere the internet has once again decided no photos shall be uploaded today so maybe they might make it work tomorrow in the mean time you can see my entries lower down on my blog ... the blue one won

finally I am able to upload these so here you are :)


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