some work in progress

heres some regular steph to warm you up for the next bit

Why hello it's been a while but after feeling rather guilty at the lack of things I've been doing over Christmas and the new year I thought I had better start back up again. So here are the beginnings of two follow up projects my Mars is just going to suck project, follow up to ALMA in search of cosmic origins, and a fake brochure for my fake swiss architectural firm Bergman and Kohen, follow up to all the branding I did a while ago.

These are just starting points I will probably change quite a lot of this by the end of the project also I seem to have misplaced my fonts and was therefore forced to use some of the regular suspects, I know the typographic horror, I'm sorry fear not this will be rectified soon. Also a few of you may be thinking but Steph wheres all the maths don't worry I have lots of wonderful facts and figures to put on other pages of the mars book or maybe even this one later one. Also wondering if the colours are a little too wild even for a 60's ish space comic style project... we will see 


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